Hello world!

To be, or not to be.

Static Craft is a Minecraft server founded by the administrator, DownThePark. In this blog post, I will outline why I started this server and what I hope to accomplish.

Firstly, I’d like to say that for the three (and counting) years we’ve been around, I’ve had a blast with our community. We’ve had great discussions, great builds, and players building lobbies and spawns for our server.

Okay, so why I started this server, you ask? Well, I think you’ll be able to guess why judging by the piece I wrote above this sentence. The straightforward answer was so I could build a community where players were able to enjoy Minecraft. Another reason was because I believe that everyone should have the right to say what they want without getting judged. Therefore, we employ very little rules when it comes to communicating. The main rules are:

1) Don’t link websites in the chat.
2) Don’t swear at other players.
3) Don’t bully anyone.

That’s as much as I can truly say. I hope this gives you some insight as to why I started this wonderful server.


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